Quick guide of my FTS content

Sometimes you just gotta figure things out on your own, and everyone'd better get off your back.

Or you just don't wanna give your money to a person on the internet - specially me, since I'm always available to answer questions over email, and they even inspire new content for the Fashion Tech support blog or my YouTube channel.

I've already given away 99% of the stuff people ask me and even more, so I came up with this guide to help out you fierce, independent creatives that just need a little light:

On famous Fashion schools:

Work like a pro:

Bonus content when you subscribe:

  • Flat sketches made on Adobe Illustrator;
  • Fashion model templates + ebook: learn how to sketch like a pro (no more one-eyed toothpicks that take over 30 min.);
  • Tech Pack ebook + Adobe Illustrator + Excel templates: so you get more respect when contacting an apparel manufacturer;
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Already read everything?

The guide above doesn't list ALL the content I've ever created, but feel free to send me a question over email if you can't find the answers you need.

If you're just starting out and you need to learn how to make a portfolio, please understand I cannot teach you that over a few emails! 

There's just too much to cover, so no serious design tutor will do that!

Please be reasonable and if you feel like it's time, check out my Mentorship sessions.