Portfolio overview: McQueen project

McQueen project - intro

The third project made during Graduate Diploma CSM ( 2015-16).

Theatrical, dark, extreme.

Every adjective used to describe Alexander McQueen's persona and work felt like the polar opposite of how I saw myself, so how could I relate deeply with this project and design a collection where my voice wouldn't get lost in his universe?

My answer was to create a story of the light at the end of tunnel: a drowned world of anthropomorphic goldfish, inspired by Japanese tales and Ukiyo-e by Utagawa Kuniyoshi.

McQueen project - collage and textile samples 1

McQueen project - collage and textile samples 2

And the results were...

McQueen project - looks


I didn't bomb this one completely, but I didn't do the assignment: this project was all about creating textile samples worthy of McQueen's most extravagant runway shows, and I did a much better job at creating beautiful images than at making exciting textiles.

Think I got a C+, but it's still one of my favourites because of the photos I did with my friend and muse for this project:

Arturo becomes a fish

McQueen project - Arturo becomes a fish

Arturo becomes a fish 1

Arturo becomes a fish 2 

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