No, I won't recommend high-end apparel manufacturers to strangers

Come on, streetwear dudes… I know what you're doing when you come sliding into my DMs after reading this blog post.

It annoys me so much that I wondered if I was the problem. Maybe I'm just a bitch.

But I asked my friends also working in Fashion, and they all had the same intense repulsion seeing you guys texting me like 'Yo - can you tell me of some high end manufacturers in Portugal?'.

The business equivalent of "Can I copy your homework?"

This blog is not a hobby. 

It's also not quite my job, as nobody is paying me to write here; it's also not homework, I'm not writing because "I'm supposed to, or else I'll get scolded".

Fashion & Apparel design and Product Development is my business: everything I write here is stuff I learned first-hand while working in the industry + some extra research.

But I know nothing about you or your business, it'd be even irresponsible for me to recommend manufacturers!

People who do that usually get a commission every time they bring a new client to a factory, they're not doing it with your best interest in mind.

If you just want leads and you don't wanna pay, the most legit place to start are trade shows.

Don't go around asking people you don't know to disclose partnerships and connections they worked hard to establish. 

It's just rude.