New playlist: Casual chats on famous Fashion schools and high-end manufacturers

Hey, friendly stranger on the internet!

You found my content, you felt like you could trust me, and your next step was to ask me for free life, career and business advice... 

On one hand, I'm really happy to see that my work matters; on the other hand, I had to put a lot of effort and money into it, plus go through some shit before I felt confident creating the educational content I wish I had when I was finishing high school or going through career changes. 

My biggest fear is spreading misinformation that could do more harm than good, so unfortunately I can't get myself to be over-the-top positive, while I make exaggerated claims about my knowledge and capabilities.

I am, however, open to talk about stuff: you can always email me, or ask questions on the comment section under my YouTube videos.

But maybe you don't have a specific question. Maybe you don't need a quote or more information on one of my Mentorship sessions or cat t-shirts. 

If you just want to have a cosy chat, I started this playlist so we can do just that: