Because you read my luxury sweatshirt fabric guide

My most viewed article and I just stopped there...

I promise you: when I wrote that guide, I really had it all planned to write a whole series of clear and informative Luxury Streetwear/ everyday wear Fabric Guides.

You know, the kind of content that's hard to find in the Google rabbit hole of Hell or among the overwhelmingly technical replies on Quora.

All in my clean, ad-free website! Awesome stuff!

But then I completely lost steam.

Let me tell you what my mistake was (because that's how I help people, by oversharing my own fuckups):

I was counting on using research I did for my freelancing gigs, making Tech Packs for Fashion startups. But they were:

a. super erratic;

b. Always 1-step forward, 2-steps back: I'd teach my clients something, they'd feel informed and inspired for a moment… before they started to get impatient and change their mind at crucial parts of the development process.

So most of the time I'd be doing the same basic stuff over and over and over.

I even thought of selling ready-made Tech Packs, but that sounded even more boring.

Plus, I know the tricks and quirks of the apparel manufacturing industry! I knew I'd be doing you a massive disservice.

That's it, no more Tech Packs. No more technical design anything, I should've quit it a long time ago - maybe when I was hanging out with some fancy Fashion alumni, and they were making fun of the bitchy classmate who ended up as an intern doing flat sketches for an upcoming designer…

But wait a minute. Should I really be ashamed of my work?

Yeah, I've gotten frustrated with clients, I've also made many rookie mistakes launching my own label. But I kept bouncing back and getting better every time - how can I even pretend this is not important to me???

So I've chosen to be proud of what I do, and offer my Newbie-friendly Tech Packs again.

Now, please have that clear in your head: starting a clothing line is HARD.

You might have the industry experience, but you're lacking business savvy; maybe your designs are both innovative and commercial, but you could misjudge the timing and placement to launch it.

Also, don't forget to account for flaky manufacturers and bad marketing plans! When they don't make you feel like you threw hard-earned money in the trash bin, they'll make you wanna find the Undo button in life, because of all the time you lost with them fuckers... 

I've been through all that shit on all fronts possible - from designer and do-it-all assistant, to apparel manufacturer sales rep, and finally business owner.

So if you wanna get started in the gentlest way possible, this service is for you:

  • I'll help you shape up your idea, so it becomes an actual design, and not just a "concept" inspired by whatever's trending on social media;
  • While filling in the technical details in a way that you'll be able to understand, not just the manufacturer;
  • Because now you're more informed, you'll be able to write better e-mails and communicate better with the sales rep = greater chances of not being snubbed when contacting a manufacturer.

Sounds good? Learn more here.

Don't worry, I'm back on track and already wrote the Luxury t-shirt fabric guide. Any other questions, you can always DM me or send me an email at

Coming soon - Luxury t-shirt jersey guide

p.s.1: but you just wanna have a 15-minute cosy chat... for free? No, thank you.

I'm an independent designer, and nobody's paying me to write this blog or provide you customer support. 
If you have a question, feel free to ask me, but please don't ask me to offer you my bespoke service for free. It's rude, and 15 minutes with me in Business mode would give you more questions than answers - just sayin.

p.s.2: take a hint from the picture below and go get some Fabric swatches. 

Fabric swatch bundles (jersey)

  • Ecological has a great bundle of knitted fabric samples;
  • Fabric Sight offers up to 10 swatches for free (DHL shipping was expensive, but not the end of the world as an investment in your Textile Technology education);
  • I got the samples from Tintex Portugal after calling them and discussing some options, but they keep improving their Online store and you can order samples from their enormous catalogue;
  • House of U and Contrado UK: each sells their swatch bundles with fabrics they have in stock for printing. Even if you don't intend on working with digital prints, it's worth buying it to learn about fabric names, composition, handle... 

Only here for apparel manufacturer recommendation? This way, sir.